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Ghantoot Landscaping possess a vibrant vision, a commitment towards its customers and a enthusiasm for innovation. Our highly talented and experienced employees add color to the functioning of the company with a quest for innovation Networked across Emirates & works in union with the country’s interests and the cultural values.

Ghantoot Landscaping provides its clients with one of a kind design solution that are both functional and inspiring. This is demonstrated by the successful delivery of a range of high profile projects including maintenance of the projects and the exclusive landscaping. Our designers draw upon many disciplines to enhance the function, safety, building conceptual designs where can always boost the overall reconstruction of the mind and body of its occupants.

Ghantoot Landscaping takes care of customer’s every need starting from project management to the study of  execution  and development., project documentation and tendering and all that one needs to do for the successful implementation of a project of architecture and designing works . Our designers visions are to do it with utmost care and tactics. The master creations done by the company has become the most wanted designs in UAE and the company is all set to scale new heights in the landscaping work with more emphasis on back to nature themes and green revolutionary concepts.

About Us

Ghantoot Landscaping is a part of Ghantoot Group, with a number of sister companies that are involved into construction, steel structures road development and fabrication workshops, that gives a copany an advantage of inside expertise of all above domains.

Since the inspection of the group on 1984 it has become synonymous with quality set significant success with the UAE and Gulf. Ghantoot Group is committed to deliver constantly investing its efforts to offer the best service and support to its valued client

Ghantoot Group is an organization which has varied business interests and has always come up with

Innovative business ideas from civil works to electrical projects, marine works to landscaping and irrigation, pharmaceuticals to interior designing, Ghantoot Group is dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading products and services. It is managed by a team of highly motivated and committed professionals who have proven their expertise in their relevant discipline.

The depth of our resources is reflected in the variety of the projects we construct from roads to Specialized electrical projects to extensive landscaping & complex contracting .We have built it all & much more. Regardless of the scope of the project, Ghantoot Group works to meet the needs of our clients in the timeliest & most cost efficient way and always with any eye to quality and safety.

Chairman Message

Have been fortunate to witness immense progress, success and growth in the Ghantoot Group, and experience it branching out to diverse conglomerates, since 1984. Because the best workmanship begins with a commitment to excellence, a commitment to stand out in a singular manner in each and every phase development, 

Ghantoot Group has the resources, equipment, people, experience, knowledge and sense of timeliness to undertake the most challenging projects and bring them

to life.

Best of all, we have proven. For over 25 years, Ghantoot Group has been presenting with some of the finest developments in history of U.A.E. Our steady achievement have established ourselves as leading premier developer in Civil Construction, Electrical Projects, Road Construction, Transport & Marine division, Trading, Landscaping, Contracting, and much more. At Ghantoot Group, we constantly compete with ourselves to exceed par expectations, and to benchmark ourselves against the very best and to demonstrate to the world the effectiveness of its methods and culture.

Ali Mohamed Sadig AL Baloushi

Managing Director Message

We have the pleasure of being a significant player in the development of landscaping works and our prime concern is to be always associated with such jobs, contributing to the health environment of public .Our Major works includes but is not limited to sustainable development activities. We are committed to maintaining the quality of work with emphasis on timely completion of the jobs.

Ghantoot Landscapes is a premier provider of landscape construction and maintenance services for more than a 12 Years.  Ghantoot Landscapes had regenerate on 2011 and has delivered exceptional services through emphasis on quality works, materials, attention to detail and timely completion of projects. Ghantoot Landscapes offers a performance -driven approach; we respond to and serve our clients with creative landscape solutions that exceed expectations.

We have had the privilege of teaming with top developers and architects who have been working in the UAE from the beginning of the development boom and have benefited from the experience of working on major landmark projects.

Ghantoot Landscaping relies mostly on its expertise and experienced staff for design and execution of its projects, giving the company the upper hand in terms of meeting deadlines and reduce or avoid the reliance on subcontractor.

Manaa Ali Al Baloushi

Finished projects

Finished projects

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that we provide

Arrange Meeting’s with client and consultant for finalizing the budget of Landscaping package and held discussions for   design concept and requirements which contributes to UAE climate and future sustainability.

The Mission of the Entertainment Art/Animation program is to provide the client with conceptual understanding, technical skills, practical experience, and opportunities to explore the art of animation; to be successful entertainers, communicators and storytellers with a focus on character animation. – The goals of the concentration are:

  • To have acquired a knowledge and understanding of character  animation principles, concepts, and techniques as used to create character based performances.
  • Demonstrate through the creation of personal animated work
  • Be capable of creatively expressing one’s personal experience and thought  with  visual skill and clarity.

To draw the concept for the landscaping design with different options and views to meet with the desired and best applicable to client view. Architectural design values make up an important part of what influences architects and designers when they make their design decisions. However, architects and designers are not always influenced by the same values and intentions. Value and intentions differ between different architectural movements. It also differs between different schools of architecture and schools of design as well as among individual architects and designers. The differences in values and intentions are directly linked to the pluralism in design outcomes that exist within architecture and design. It is also a big contributing factor as to how an architect or designer operates in his/her relation to clients.

Different design values tend to have a considerable history and can be found in numerous design movements. The influence that each design value has had on design movements and individual designers has varied throughout history

Preparation & studying for all tendering jobs starting from

– Quantity off in case the boq is not provided

– Studying the relevant shop drawings

– Comparing the boq qty to the tender drawings

– Reading the specifications for related works and materials

– Prepare full quotation covers all the requested works as per the standards and regulations

Provides high quality softscape installation to help bring life to your landscape by adding nature to your backyard. Whether it is excavating, sodding, planting or installing, we give your property that added touch that completes your landscape.

Our services include:

  • ​Mulching
  • Flower Bed Install
  • Tree, Flower and Shrub Planting
  • Soiling and Sodding Lawns

Using different types of local and imported materials Ghantoot Landscpaing provide to its projects full design services and execution of

  • Walkways
  • Retaining works
  • Sitting areas
  • Amphitheaters

Each pool is available in variety of shapes, sizes and styles, offering many optional features for your selection, design and budget. Ghantoot Landscaping always puts customer satisfaction on top its priorities, we have built our Civil Engineering team to assist our specialist and suppliers to create best pools for your enjoyment

  • Design includes Scale Drawing, Deck Layout, Swimming pool Equipments; structural, plumbing, electrical details aand water features and wter falls.
  • Execution of work by out highly skilled engineers, formans to achive perfect finishing using top quality materials.

  •  Effects of lighting on landscaping design
  • Understanding how lighting fixtures coexist with plant systems
  • Understanding how illumination affects the visual appearance of various types of plant materials
  •  Understanding how lighting fixtures are affected by environmental factors.
  •  Supply and Installation of Street Lights and all types of  External Lights

we design and build, custom, functional shade structures to add style and elegance to your outdoor space while providing you the shade and comfort you need in your outdoor oasis

A pergola could be used to highlight a particular area in the landscape. Some common examples would be an entrance gate to a backyard, walkway or formal garden. The design concept should match the formality of its surroundings. If the concept was to highlight the entrance to a formal garden, the pergola should be formal as well. It should also be designed with materials that blend in with the existing environment to create the feeling that it has always been there.

Including outdoor fitness equipment in your playground’s design makes the benefits of healthy physical activity accessible to your community, school or organization. We offer a wide range of playground fitness and sports equipment ideal for children of all ages and abilities that helps foster the lifelong habit of remaining physically active.

Ghantoot Landscaping outdoor sports and fitness playground equipment that is durably built and designed for outdoor parks and playgrounds. Our fitness components are built to withstand years of repeated use and exposure to the elements, so communities and schools can continue to reap the rewards of physical activity

Maintenance and other agricultural activities such as pruning, staking, trimming Cutting, fertilization, Control of pests and diseases, preventive spraying and control measures.  Irrigation and plant protection are being done on daily basis up to sophisticated standards all serving to end up with the best quality of plants.

Trees, shrubs and ground cover maintenance i.e. pruning, staking, trimming and fertilizing as necessary. – Eradication of weeds in plant beds established by the Contractor.

Control of pests and diseases, preventive spraying and control measures,   as per Approved pesticides Organic

Maintain, and operate the installed irrigation system as per manufacturer’s recommendation e) Attend proper functioning of the irrigation system

Replace parts of or whole of equipment found to be defective

Application of Fertilizer N-P-K, Compost and urea for plantation and grass areas as per approved rates and schedule

Site cleaning and debris removal.

Our MEP department is a specialized team of electromechanical engineers and an experienced technical team that is specialized in the construction of the mentioned works. The team has successfully executed several jobs in the UAE; the team has technical support from ASTRAL/ Spain and Pentair –USA who are our main suppliers for water feature equipment, pumps, filters and nozzles

Ghantoot Landscaping nursery is located in Al –Margham, Dubai- Al Ain Road. Our Nurcery activity includes production os ground covers, shrubs, trees and palm tress. It contains more the 350 thousand different plants and trees, including AZadirachta, Albezia, Conocarpus, Delonix, Ficus, Milingtonia, palm trees and many others.

Ghnatoot landscaping nursery is the main source of plants for our projects, therefor, cutting, trans-planting, upgrading and hardening are scheduled accordingly to the needs of our executed projects. Maintenance and other agricultural activities such as pruning, fertigation, fertilization and plant protection always done with high standards and quality, to make sure we grow and nurture the best plants

Our team
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Technical Manager

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Procurement  Manager

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Mahmoud Khattab

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Cost Control Manager

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Amro Hamdi

Landscape Designer




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